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Allan's Arepa Story

Latin Roots


Born and raised in Venezuela, food has been Allan's passion from day one. On a mission to bring his culinary experiences to his friends of San Diego, Allan created Arepex Grill. Venezuelan inspired dishes and unique flavors, Arepex will light up your taste buds.


If you have to describe Allan or any other  venezuelan person through one meal, it will be for sure One AREPA.


This incredible food is made with white corn, has a round shape and amazing crispness outside consistency with an inside creamy part. 


The venezuelan Arepa is prepare on the grill, fill in with a variety of opcions such as chicken, beef, ham, turkey, vegetables, and cheese, on a combination of venezuelan unique taste. Also this delicious dish can be eaten as a breakfast, lunch or dinner. 


Something important you need to know is how to order an arepa, Allan named every stuffing  in a special way: brunette (beef), blondie (chicken), veggie (zucchini, tomato, & cheese), wild (beef, cheese, & avocado), Angel (chicken, cheese, and avocado), crazy ham (ham & cheese), crazy turkey (turkey & cheese).


Hurry up and come to Arepex Grill in any of our locations and try the incomparable taste of an AREPA, that Allan will prepare special just for you.




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